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A Delos bedroom may be out of reach, but you can make your own more health-centric.


Delos’ health-boosting apartments are unbelievably swank, which also means they’re, oh, just slightly outside of the average person’s budget.

But the WELL Building Standard they’re based on has lots of tenets that can be applied to any home—from an East Village walk-up studio to a ranch in Stamford.

So, we asked company founder Paul Scialla for a few ways to help healthify your home. Here are three simple tips that can make a big difference:

1. Air. “A stand-alone air purifier can remove contaminants from the air without requiring access to ducts,” Scialla says. “Quality air purifiers can run around $500-$600.” The EPA has a guide you can use to help evaluate the different filters on the market.

2. Water. A water filter should address the pollutants (if any) in your pad. Scialla suggests ordering a home testing kit, which run for under $80 for 150 different contaminants. “Key dangers to look for are lead, arsenic, turbidity, and the disinfectant byproducts trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids. Then, find a filter rated to remove the chemicals of concern.”

3. Light. Light that enhances your health can be as simple as “sufficient light during the day and darkness at night,” Scialla says. He suggests installing blackout shades that block external light pollution and lights with dimmer switches, so you can have brighter light in the morning and more sleep-hygiene-friendly levels before bedtime.