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By Rebecca Bailey for

Excepting my middle school years, I’ve never really been a lip gloss girl. (Bonne Bell, anyone?) But after this post and the comments it generated, I was inspired to try again. Why not just stick with balm or lipstick? Sometimes I want something a little less obvious than a lipstick but with more oomph than a balm. (omg, did I just say “oomph?”) Okay, let’s be honest. Sometimes I need to add polish to my look, and have that product be easy to reapply without having a top-notch mirror, superb lighting, and my reading glasses. Glosses seem to be subtle enough to forgive a tiny mistake. I still am not so much into shiny, but I like a decent amount of pigment and a little sparkle. And texture and taste are super important.

All but the last brand in this review are shiny but not crazy shiny. After some wear time, the shine goes down but the sparkle sticks around for hours. They all taste good, have a nice texture, and feel conditioning for my sensitive lips. They are gluten free and vegan or vegetarian (100% Pure has beeswax).

INIKA Lip Whip: I love Apricot. This is the first gloss I’d tried in years, and it won me over. It has a good amount of orange-y yet neutralish sparkly pigment. I also have Melon, which doesn’t add a lot more than shine and a teeny bit of pink sparklies, but I’m betting it’s gorgeous on a darker skinned gal. It is tasty (subtle orange), not too shiny, with a nice smooth texture, and I like the squeeze applicator. ($19.75, 4 shades available)

Afterglow Organic Infused Hydra Gloss: Carousel (coral peach/pink shimmer) and Hypnotist (medium golden brown nude) are fierce in an understated sort of way. Both have lots of shimmer. Levitate (creamy nude beige) is fantastic, goes with any look, and is currently my go-to gloss. These are very smooth, possibly the best textured glosses I’ve tried. There’s almost no taste, maybe a hint of vanilla. They have a doe foot applicator, which is fine but I’m not in love with it. ($24.00, 8 shades available)

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