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By Chris Courtney for YOGANONYMOUS

Yoganonymous logoThe dog ate your mat? Your Lulus are still at the dry cleaners? You’re waiting until you’re caught up on episodes of Orange Is The New Black until you return to your practice? Bitch please (by the way, bitch please is a term we only use with friends when trying to express playful incredulity. No egos were harmed in the making of this title. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.)

As teachers and students, we have all heard these excuses when suggesting a friend try yoga, or encouraging a student to return. While some reasons are valid (like recovering from an injury) most are simple excuses. Sometimes they are used to get us off their back. Other times they are used to comfort their own inability to face the truth: they just don’t feel like doing yoga. In both instances, we prefer the truth. But, we also prefer free coffee, world peace, and vegetarian options in restaurants that aren’t pasta…

Keep reading for the top 5 excuses you need to get over…

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