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5 green smoothies for a healthy St. Patrick’s Day

green smoothies for st. patrick's day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day usually means waking up the next day feeling like a leprechaun hit you over the head with a pot of gold.

Which is why healthy types tend to avoid green beer (and the parade route) and go for green juice.

In that spirit, we noticed a lot of recipes for veggie-packed green smoothies in circulation.

Here are five faves, from mixologists we love, that you can make at home and feel lucky that you’re missing out on the food coloring, empty calories, and pub-scene chaos:

CrazySexyLife’s Sexy Shamrockin’ Shake

Green Lemonade’s Green Smoothie with Peanut Butter

Blisstree’s Vegan Shamrock Shake

Peas and Thank You’s Cake Batter Green Smoothie

Our very own Clean Sweep Smoothie

Which of these are you likely to try? Or got a green smoothie recipe you love? Tell us in the Comments, below!