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5 yoga poses that will put you in a good mood

5 yoga poses to improve your mood
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HuffingtonPostFeeling sad? Try doing a moon salutation—seriously.

Anecdotally, we all know yoga enthusiasts who swear that the meditative practice elevates their mood and keeps them sane amid otherwise hectic lifestyles. While the science isn’t quite airtight, some studies suggest yoga can actually turn on and off genes linked to stress. Plus, the slow, focused pranayamic breathing has been shown to physiologically reinvigorate you via your autonomic nervous system.

So we consulted New York-based yoga instructor Nicole Lynne Hooley to craft a three-minute series of poses that have the potential to make you feel happier. It may not be an exact science (yet), but what do you have to lose by taking a few minutes out of your busy day to breath, stretch and try your hand at the promising practice of yoga?

Keep reading to see five yoga poses that will put you in a good mood…

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