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By Hanna Brooks Olsen for

Whether you’re thinking about biking to work for weight loss, to save money, or because you just can’t help but covet tricked-out cycling equipment, making the switch to two wheels isn’t as painful as you think.

And with the assistance of one (or three, or five) of these awesome apps, it’s even easier. Who knew technology could be so helpful for a healthier commute?

From figuring out the safest route to offering repair advice if you break down, these handy apps can help take some of the mystery out of riding to work. Track your distance, pace, or calories burned…or just figure out the best place to stop and pee if you just can’t make it to the office.

Most are available for multiple platforms, and they’re all under $10. But just remember–if you’re going to check your phone, pull over! Cycling phone-in-hand is dangerous.

Keep reading for 7 must-have biking apps…

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