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life coaching and fitness workshop in New York City
A workout-and-work through session with Re:Create. (Photo: Re:Create)


Need to detox some negative thinking, a drag-you-down friend, a stagnant career path, or a few winter pounds? The dynamic life-improvement duo that is Shay Kostabi (of Flybarre) and Jeannine Yoder (a compelling life coach) is hosting a spring session of Re:Create that starts Thursday, April 4.

Re:Create is a 4-week workshop-style master class series (limited to 25 people). It meets once a week for a 45-minute high-power workout followed by a few minutes of meditation and then a 45 minute life-coaching session.

“Most women came [to the January session] because they were extremely unhappy, stressed out, or feeling unfulfilled in their careers. Some of them were longing to make a career transition, some of them actually had no idea what they wanted to do, but knew that they had to do something different,” says Kostabi.

To figure out your purpose and your blocks, everyone gets a checklist, weekly focusing videos, journaling or writing assignments, and access to an interactive site where you post your homework, ask questions, and compare notes with the others in the class.

And Kostabi and Yoder say they’ve seen serious life-enhancing results by the month’s end. “It was amazing to see each person discover their life purpose and learn what their unique limiting belief was about what was possible for them—and how by believing this they were creating their own block,” says Yoder. “The most amazing part was to watch them re-frame this belief and experience a confidence and power they’d never felt.”

Re:Create, Thursdays  7:00–9:00 p.m., Cap 21 Studios, 18 W. 18th St., Suite 6, Union Square, $397,