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Horst Rechelbacher (Photo: Intelligent Nutrients)
Horst Rechelbacher (Photo: Intelligent Nutrients)

The world of safe, natural beauty products is dominated by powerful women, but one man in particular was a true pioneer in the field.

Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, and later, Intelligent Nutrients, passed away on Saturday, February 15, from pancreatic cancer.

The Austrian hairstylist moved to Minneapolis in the ’60s and founded Aveda Corp. in 1978, before selling it to Estee Lauder in 1997. The line was one of the first that brought the idea of eliminating chemicals and using plant-based ingredients (and environmental practices) to the public in a big way, and Rechelbacher expanded that work with the launch of Intelligent Nutrients.

“Horst was in many ways the father of safe cosmetics—he took action to address the problem long before most of us knew there was anything to even worry about,” The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics said in a press release.

His death has prompted an outpouring of fans honoring and remembering him online, and his legacy will live on in our better, cleaner beauty habits and as his wife and daughter continue to expand Intelligent Nutrients’ reach.

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