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A major tree-planting event (with a workout) to celebrate Earth Day

tree planting new york cityHere’s a crazy stat: Hurricane Sandy took a lot from New Yorkers—including more than 30,000 trees. So, the symbolic gesture most associated with Earth Day—planting a tree—really matters more than ever this year.

To give the city a head start, Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project is partnering with Jet Blue and MillionTreesNYC to host a “One Thing That’s Green” mega-event on Saturday, April 20, with the goal of planting 2,400 trees.

It takes place in Highland Park, a park that straddles Brooklyn and Queens and suffered a serious loss of green during the storm. (The MTA will take you there, don’t worry.) And the day will start with an “aerobic and stretching” workout class taught by Muscle in Motion founder Gino Caccavale.

If you volunteer, you’ll get breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt to take home. Not to mention the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of having helped.