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By Rebecca Bailey for

I first discovered Moksa Organics just over a year ago, and I decided to treat myself to several additional products to review, because, you know…I have a responsibility to the readers here. And I’m not ashamed to spoil myself.

Anyway, this company is clean, clean, clean—in ingredients, packaging, and business philosophy. Here are the products I’ve tried:

Organic Body Butters: I’ll start with these because the Kilimanjaro scent is unbelievable, and what first got me started on this brand. The jar says it’s Cocoa Vanilla, but to me it smells like a chocolate cake with lemon frosting. I cannot stop smelling it, and I’m very close to scooping it out of the jar with a spoon and eating it. I am a huge fan of body butters, and Moksa’s are among the best, especially since they are half the price of many other brands ($16). The texture is like frosting, and it doesn’t get overly shiny on the skin (I think the arrowroot powder helps with that). I also use Simply Unscented (just what it says) and Orange Ginger (lovely and invigorating, but I wish it had a little more ginger).

Organic Bar Soaps: At $6.50/bar, they seem expensive at first, but these are very large (6.5oz) bars. They are gorgeous to look at, and the scents are very subtle, much more subtle than the body butters. They are nice in the shower, but all the ones I’ve tried have little bits of herbs and such, and my preference is for a completely smooth texture. I love them for hand soap though, and they make handwashing a luxurious, creamy experience, lathering and cleaning while keeping skin soft. Kilimanjaro, Café Milan, Amazon Lemon, and Paynes Prairie all smell great. If Moksa ever makes an unscented soap bar, I will be all over it.

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