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By Rebecca Bailey for

I love the Ilia illuminators, as you can read in this review.  But, I was nervous about the lip products, which contain small amounts of synthetic colors (like Red 7, a.k.a. CI 15850).  Years of horrendous pre-clean lip color experiences make me extremely cautious about what I put on my lips, which seem to be the most sensitive of all my sensitive skin.

The reviews out there looked great, and the color spectrum was so tempting—but should I chance it?  I noticed Ilia incorporates some lovely oils into their formulas, like jojoba, sunflower seed, and rosehip.   Thus, my mind was soothed, and, as it turns out, so were my lips.  I am fully obsessed with Ilia.

First, Ilia packaging is sensational.  It’s beautiful and functional.  I always think of beauty as a multi-sensory experience, and packaging that looks and feels stylish makes a difference in my mood as I go about my beauty routine.  Second, the texture and finish are spot on.  All the lip products I’ve tried are creamy and matte-ish rather than shiny.  Perfect.  After all, you can always apply a gloss on top if you like shine.  Third, they stay on.  At the end of one day, I was all, “what the heck is this color on my toothbrush handle?”  It was the lip conditioner I’d put on many hours earlier and totally forgotten about.  And finally, the taste is quite neutral, just the slightest hint of vanilla in the conditioners.

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