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A new Brooklyn Heights fitness studio introduces rock climbing boot camp classes

rock wall

Today, Carroll Gardens fitness studio Everyday Athlete will open a second location in Brooklyn Heights, where its signature small group boot camp classes will add an on-the-wall element: rock climbing.

The entirety of the new fitness-and-climbing combo studio is wrapped in a 2,500-square-foot custom rock-climbing wall, which supports equipment like resistance bands and steps in addition to the climbing holds. And a ceiling grid will allow for overhead props like yoga hammocks, rings, and bungees.

The hybrid boot camp classes will offer cardio and strength-training that happens both on the floor, and on the wall. For example, “clients might traverse the walls or tackle rope challenges between sets of floor exercises,” according to a press release.

Everyday Athlete will also host open climbing hours for adults and kids, Mommy-and-baby classes, and boxing at the new studio.

Everyday Athlete, 130 Clinton Street, Brooklyn Heights,