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Prada LabBy Alexandra Spunt for

You guys!! It’s finally happened. We’ve found a line that is clean, affordable, and totally man-friendly in the way it looks, smells, and feels. Heck, you could almost call it a men’s line—but why limit something so awesome?

Like many brands I adore, my first intro to the Prada Lab line was from Evolue. I took one look at the ingredients on the moisturizer—basically argan oil, and a blend of my favorite bee-derived actives—and knew it would be love. The bottles are simple, with clean graphic design, and fresh pops of color. They feel modern and masculine, so I wasn’t surprised when Jean told me the founder and creative director was… get ready… a man!! (His name is Tony Prada, if you were wondering about the Prada thing.)

To our male readers—we know you’re out there, and we’re sorry we don’t serve you better. And to the women who have been forcing clean products on their sons, brothers and boyfriends, here is one without the lavenders and ylang ylangs (that we’ve grown to love, and they continue to hate).

Keep reading for the complete review of this new unisex line…

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