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mood-boosting hotel in New York Pod 39
Does this Queen room with red pops of color “stimulate” you? Well, it’s meant to.


It’s no secret that New Yorkers love a good gimmick. And the new Pod 39 Hotel, which debuts with specially designed rooms that promise to boost your mood, is betting that New York tourists do, too.

When making a reservation at Pod 39 in Murray Hill, you not only pick a room size, but you request one of three room color schemes to fit (or flip) your current state of mind: Red room for “stimulation,” teal room for a “mental getaway,” or a blue room to increase productivity. (Hey, maybe you can talk your boss into sending you here for the weekend “without any distractions”?)

And if color therapy doesn’t do the trick, the hotel’s deck where you can watch the sunset should.

Something that perked us up? Soon the hotel will be opening a juice bar—and if one thing’s for sure, a green juice always puts some pep in our step. —Sharon Feiereisen

The Pod Hotel 39, introductory rates from $85,