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A nighttime bike race hits the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Red Hook Crit
(Photo Credit: Eloy Anzola)


This Saturday, elite cyclists will complete 26 laps around a technical track inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard—virtually in the dark. And there’s just enough light for you to watch them.

The Red Hook Crit (Criterium) is a nighttime bike race that’s usually held in Red Hook and Milan, Italy. But this year it’s being held as a four-race series, with extra races at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and in Barcelona, Spain.

About 3,000–5,000 spectators are expected to surround the course (including you?), which is lined with installations from light artists. There’s also a 5K run right before the main event, so if you sign up, you’ll get to feel like a serious star in this dramatic setting as you approach the finish line.

If not, you can cheer the athletes on—it’s free to watch and historically “spectator-friendly.” Or you can purchase a more comfy $40 VIP Grandstand seat, the proceeds of which support emerging athletes.

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