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yoga dancingThe yoga studio-as-nightclub scene is kicking into high gear in New York this month, with two new dance parties with DJs, dub-step, and drinks sans the booze.

On March 24, Ecstactic Dance NYC ($20 at the door), a “conscious dance movement” that originated in Oakland, California, will debut at Jivamukti with DJ Small Change and drinks and snacks from Jivamuktea Café.

“No shoes and no chit-chat on the dance floor helps us keep it intentional and all about dance,” the event advertises.

Then, on March 29, the scene will welcome an even bigger event: Yoga Rave NYC at Pacha ($22.50).

Instead of dub-step and glow sticks (actually, you might see some of those), you’ll find a mocktail-heavy “happier hour,” a live Bhakti Band-accompanied yoga class, and a two-man Argentinian band that “combines mantras, electronic music, rock, and pop.”

What’s next? Celebs sipping kombucha and dancing barefoot at Greenhouse? Hey, anything is possible.