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Lululemon can’t cover up its sheer yoga pants snafu. As you’ve probably read, the megabrand is back in the news thanks to a second wave of reports that some of the company’s Wunder Unders and Groove pants (um, the most popular styles) are still way too sheer for downward-facing dog. (Or any activity except wearing a long tunic over them.)

One alleged customer says she was even able to take this photo through her pants. Others are complaining about premature pilling after just a few wears.

This new round of criticism occurred within the same breath that Lululemon announced its new chief product officer, Tara Poseley. Poseley was brought on to replace Sheree Waterson, who left over the company’s see-through-pant debacle earlier this year. Poseley’s most recently role was as president of Kmart Apparel. Perhaps not a background that instills confidence in a luxury brand with a PR problem over quality.

That said, we haven’t noticed any manufacturing or performance flaws in our latest pair made of Full-on Luons, a denser material that the fashion brand just released this fall, and which we also featured in our Ultimate Guide to Yoga Pants. Did we get lucky? Or are reports over-blown?

Have you had any quality issues with your latest pair of Lulus? Please tell us in the Comments, below.