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Back-to-school healthy care packages

For late-night study marathons, spicy cashews will give students a boost.

College students can put away food like the pros at a Coney Island hot dog eating contest. And they’re not known for binging on kale, cashews, or granola. They’ve got the salty, sugary food groups covered, so how do you send a fun care package that’s still healthy?

One Lucky Duck and its back-to-school College Care Pack stuffed with raw, organic snacks. Satisfy Dorito cravings with Cheese-y Quackers made from almonds, flax and a blend of spices. Spicy Cashews are a high fiber, high protein alternative to nachos.

Cinnamon Crispies and Honey Bunches Grawola make a perfect healthy on-the-run breakfast when late night studying keeps your student from the dining hall. There are even classic treats like chocolate chip cookies, which are raw and free of butter, white flour, and white sugar.

One Lucky Duck even throws in a hint to get the gym in the form of a stainless steel BPA-free water bottle. With care packages like this, the Freshman 15 doesn’t stand a chance. —Lisa Elaine Held

College Care Pack, $85, order via One Lucky Duck