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Beauty Aisle: Absolution’s new Le Soin du Corps

organic body moisturizer Absolution-Le-Soin-du-CorpsWhat’s new, noteworthy, and natural-leaning on beauty product shelves? We’ll tell you every week in Beauty Aisle.

I recently slathered on Absolution Le Soin du Corp, the new body lotion from the gorgeously packaged organic French skin-care line.

It’s a great beauty compromise of a super-quenching body oil, which French women love, and a body lotion, which American women tend to like way more.

While it’s loaded with sesame and sunflower oils, it’s lighter than oil alone. (Props to the aloe and shea butter blended with it.) So it absorbs within nanoseconds.

That’s ideal when you don’t have a couple minutes before pulling on stockings or jeggings, like after a Flywheel class and someone’s banging on the change room door.

The light whiff of lemon is a nice daytime pick-me-up. And though this line reigns supreme for its dressing-table drama, the gym-bag friendly pump doesn’t dispense without your assist. —Melisse Gelula

Absolution Le Soin du Corps, $48, Le Soin du Corps Body Lotion, $48