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fabletics-kate-hudsonMaking a living as a Hollywood starlet, runway regular, or top-ranking athlete requires staying in superhumanly great shape. And after spending years living by the advice of their health handlers, a growing number of celebrities are sharing the passion for leggings and green juice they’ve picked up along the way and turning their healthy living experience into legit wellness brands. Best of all? These brands are as accessible to everyone as, say, their feature films.

We’re shining the spotlight on celebs who’ve chosen a starring role as a wellness entrepreneur—and are going way beyond slapping their name on a product endorsement.

Here are the nine celebrity wellness entrepreneurs who have put blood, sweat, and more sweat (plus maybe some acting tears) into fitness, food, and beauty brands of their own. —Margaux Lushing


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article-2649785-1E7FB79600000578-549_634x475Fabletics – Kate Hudson
What: A line of activewear that’s more Andie Anderson than Penny Lane

Co-founded by the woman with the best abs in Hollywood, Kate Hudson launched the affordable and fashion-forward activewear line Fabletics to get all women as excited about reps and sets as she is. Outfits start at $25, and yes, there are VIP perks: No shipping or return fees for members who sign up for monthly outfitswhich gives you an added incentive to stay committed to your fit routine. A new men’s line called FL2 follows the same performance and fashion principals of Fabletics, with Kate’s big bro Oliver stepping in as spokesperson.

(Photo: Fabletics)


elle-macpherson-super-elixirWelleCo – Elle MacPherson
What: ‘The Body’ is whipping up a greens elixir for everybody

To say that Elle ‘The Body’ MacPherson takes her green powders more seriously than a cover shoot would be an understatement; the supermodel’s alkalizing WelleCo Super Elixir has been 10 years in the making. The powder includes more than 45 ingredientsamong them, buzzy boosters like Chinese herbs, mushrooms, and supergreenswhich may explain the steep price tag ($135 for a starter pack). If you’re spending more time in the gym than on the beach these days, WelleCo’s newly launched Nourishing Protein should hit the shake spot.

(Photo: WelleCo)


jessica-alba-freshHonest Beauty – Jessica Alba
What: Natural makeup for Honey…plus every other skin tone

Regular red carpet appearances puts an immense amount of stress on skin, but you wouldn’t guess it, judging by Jessica Alba’s eternal glow. Good thing she’s letting us in on her secret: natural skin care. The actress, behind the insanely popular healthy living company Honest Company, launched the Honest makeup line in late 2015. The bestselling Everything Primer Luminous Base is like a good night’s rest in  a bottle, and the range of lip crayons works for seriously every skin tone.

(Photo: Honest)


gwyneth-paltrow-juice-beautyJuice Beauty – Gwyneth Paltrow
What: Beauty products so clean, you could practically blend them into your Goop-approved morning smoothie

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to endorsing wellness brands, diets, and rituals. But when she loves something so much that she invests in the company and becomes creative director of makeup? Yeah, we’re all paying attention. This week the Goop founder’s first collection for Juice Beauty rolled out, and the 78-piece organic makeup line caused a minor internet earthquake. One look at the high-pigmented lipsticks, and you’ll understand why.

(Photo: Juice Beauty)


22-days-beyonce22 Days Nutrition – Beyonce
What: Drunk in plant-based, delivery service love

When Beyonce and Jay-Z went vegan for three weeks (with the help of her trainer Marco Borges, who also founded 22 Days Nutrition), it was the vegan endorsement heard around the world. Though she re-introduced animal products back into her diet, it inspired her to eat more mindfully and include more plants in her diet overall. She felt so strongly about the impact of a plant-only reset that she officially partnered with Borges on a 22 Day vegan home delivery service to help people jump-start healthy eating habits for the price of, well, a Beyonce album (plans start at $9.24).

(Photo: 22 Days)


urban-remedy-cindy-crawfordUrban Remedy – Cindy Crawford
What: Cold-pressed juices and cleanses for supermodels—and superappetites

Cindy Crawford was introduced to Urban Remedy in 2012 and was so inspired by founder and Chinese medicine specialist Neka Pasquale’s commitment to the wellness cause that she signed on as a partner and brand ambassador. We don’t know the full extent of her involvement in the company, but we do know that Crawford helped come up with a delicious three-day cleanse that includes cold-brew coffee (!), snacks (!!), and a pad thai for dinner (!!!), all of which is certified organic.

(Photo: Urban Remedy)


supergood-maria-sharapovaSupergoop – Maria Sharapova
What: Maria Sharapova agrees with your mother and wants you to wear sunscreen

Having spent thousands of hours outdoors, practicing on tennis courts, Maria Sharapova knows firsthand the importance of protecting skin from the sun. With the same prowess she’s shown with a racket, the athlete helped start Supergoop, a high quality, antioxidant-rich line of sunscreens (that offers an alternative to the often skin-unfriendly drugstore options). The line of protective products keeps growing, and some new favorites include a tinted City Sunscreen Serum and an SPF-enhanced, sea buckthorn-boosted body butter.

(Photo: Supergoop)


Miranda 5 CMYKKora Organics – Miranda Kerr
What: Organic, cruelty-free skincare that could only come from an angel (and Victoria’s Secret Angel, that is)

Fun fact: Miranda Kerr studied nutrition and health psychologywhich may explain why she’s so passionate about natural living. (As we learned this firsthand.) As a professional beautiful person who has access to every skin care line out there, she wanted to create an organic, sustainable option that was as effective as it was chemical-free. Cue Kora Organics, whose standouts include the moisturizing Hydrating Day and Night Cream.

(Photo: Kora Organics)


calia-carrie-underwoodCalia – Carrie Underwood
What: An activewear line from the fittest gal in country music

Don’t let the country twang fool you: Carrie Underwood is no meat-and-potatoes girl. In fact, the singer follows a strict vegan diet and a tough weight training regimen to keep her bod in tip-top shape for her crazy tour schedule. It was that routine (and the balance between working and wellness) that inspired her to launch Calia Studio, an activewear line that’s all about versatility. Think moto leggings that you could totally wear onstage (or to brunch, same difference) and the blanket scarf, which is the coziest workout warm-up out there.

We’ve also gotten some pretty insightful advice from super-fit stars—here are some of their most valuable tips.

(Photo: Calia)