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Best of 2012: Good Advice

health coaches

This week we’re highlighting our favorite stories in categories like Good Sweat, plus the Most Controversial stories of the year, the Best Refrigerator Look Books, and the top Feel-Good stories of the year (look for that one soon!).

All of these “best-of” articles made our readers click, comment, think, and smile. Some probably led to diet or workout changes; some inspired 2013 resolutions. Here are our best Good Advice stories in 2012, in no particular order:

1. The coming of the health coach revolution
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is graduating armies of holistic health warriors. What does it mean for the wellness landscape?

2. 10 healthy uses for apple cider vinegar
The ingredient that’s played a starring role in your salad dressing also shines as a health remedy.

meditation3. Which meditation style is right for you?
Can’t sit still and empty your thoughts? One of these five styles of meditation may be a better fit, explains Deepak Chopra apprentice and author, davidji.

4. How to juice at home: 5 easy things everyone should know
Love green juice, but haven’t learned to do it yourself? We’ve got easy to follow advice, shopping lists, recipes, and money-saving tips from an expert.

5. Exercise is better than Xanax: How workouts banish worries
New Yorkers are having a passionate love affair with Xanax. But exercise can be even more effective than drugs for preventing and easing it. Experts explain.

6. Do vegans burn more calories?
Vegans may benefit from a metabolic secret that accounts for their svelte physiques, say experts—supercharged, calorie-burning muscle cells.

7. Spicy news: Turmeric is the trendy new nutritional supplement
With new research backing its benefits, turmeric—that very same staple of Indian cuisine—is taking off as a trendy nutritional supplement. Experts dish.

Let us know, in the Comments, below, if we missed your favorite!