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Beyonce has a thing for kale

beyonce kale sweatshirt

All kale Queen Bey.

Beyonce opens her latest video, 7/11, dancing on a high-rise balcony in her underwear and a KALE sweatshirt (just like YALE, only healthier). Proving what we’ve long known, that kale is awesome as a leafy green, and as a clothing motif—and, if you’re Beyonce, you don’t need pants.

It’s not the super-celeb’s first time donning a kale sweatshirt. She wore one on National Kale Day earlier this year, too. The navy one she wears in this video is by Suburban Riot ($48) and it also comes in grey.

Channel your inner Bey—or Sadie Kurzban—and dance to the video below. Or just watch it at your desk over a kale salad lunch. —Molly Gallagher