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The new 10-ounce Blueprint juice blends for Whole Foods  (Photo: Well+Good)

Popular juice and cleanse purveyor Blueprint is launching three new juice flavors on August 15, available exclusively at Whole Foods, and they’re made for those who are new to sipping vegetables.

“For those unfamiliar with juice cleansing or for anyone looking for a healthy beverage or meal pairing, we wanted to expand the Blueprint brand and line offering,” co-founder Zoe Sakoutis said in a press release.

Each flavor—Carrot Lemon, Kale Apple Lemon, and Orange Grapefruit Lemon—is a simple two- or three-ingredient blend meant to go down easy, even for those who turn their noses up at cold-pressed spinach. The green juice tastes more like apple juice than kale, and the orange is a healthier take on a morning glass of Tropicana.

Another way the company is making the juices attractive to newbies? The flavors, in smaller 10-ounce bottles, start at just $5.99. So the grab-and-go juices as you get into your check-out lane won’t feel like as big of a financial commitment. —Lisa Elaine Held