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M Cafe


Chic health-food spot M Cafe, known in Los Angeles for its “contemporary macrobiotic cuisine, ” its celeb following (Orlando Bloom, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Alba are fans), and a chef who used to be in charge of Gwyneth’s in-house meals,  is about to set out a few place settings for New Yorkers.

M Cafe has partnered with Genji Sushi to stock their meals at select Whole Foods stores in New York City (Bowery, Union Square, Tribeca, UWS—the ones with the sushi bars) and in the Goldman Sachs cafeteria. NOT fair!

They’re also partnering with Mai Restaurant and Deli on 41st and Madison.

While availability’s up, there’s a downside: The delicious-sounding and reasonably-priced dishes—i.e. Salmon brown rice bowl with kale tossed in a peanut sauce, takuan pickles, and roasted beets for $8.99—will be pre-packaged.

An East Coast brick-and-mortar location with fresh fare is not in the works right now, says Cindy Choi, M Cafe’s marketing and creative brand manager.

But the possibility’s not completely off the table. “We’re crossing our fingers that our food in the New York City Whole Foods and Mai Deli will be well-received, and we’ll see from there!” —Lisa Elaine Held