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The Werewolf Diet


By Linda Melone for

PreventionMadonna is reportedly doing it. Demi Moore might be, too. But should you hop on the latest diet craze?

The Werewolf Diet, also known as the Lunar Diet, is based on the idea that the moon’s gravitational pull affects our bodies in the same way as the tides in the ocean do.

Variations of the diet exist, but most involve consuming nothing but water and juice for 24 hours during the full moon, new moon, or beginning of a moon phase, followed by eating raw or cooked vegetables approximately four times a day. Follow the diet, and supposedly you’ll lose up to six pounds in one day.

So is it legit? Not so much. Here’s what three top nutritionists have to say about The Werewolf Diet’s effectiveness:

Keep reading to find out what the pros have to say about the new diet…

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