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We’re not big fans of the term “bikini ready.” I mean, isn’t wellness supposed to be about adopting a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel vibrant and happy rather than “blasting belly fat” once a year?

So, we’re taking back the term and giving it a whole new meaning entirely. Ahead you’ll find tips and tricks to feel beautiful in your bathing suit and protect your precious skin—i.e. cleansing superfoods and sun-proof hair masks.

Take that, “get skinny quick” ads.—Jamie McKillop

natural beauty
Natural beauty picks that will make you glow. (Photo:

1. 9 natural beauty must-haves for summer
Bug sprays, sunscreens, and deodorants are some of the most necessary—yet potentially toxic—summer staples. That’s why these effective natural ones are key.

2. 13 things you really want to know before your first (or next) bikini wax
One thing’s for sure, it can’t hurt to show up at your bikini wax appointment with some know-how.

3. A DIY summer-proof hair mask from S.W. Basics
Days spent at the beach—whether spent sunning on a towel or squatting at boot camp—can really fry your hair. Prevent damage with this easy DIY recipe.

4. 9 healthy foods that reduce bloating
Got a bloated tummy and a beach day rapidly approaching? Here’s how to feel like yourself again with healthy foods you should be eating anyway.

5. 3 cleansing summer beauty foods from a raw food goddess
Sarma Melngailis, the brains (and bombshell) behind Pure Food and Wine and One Lucky Duck, shares the detoxing foods she’s eating for clear skin.

(Photo: Lurk)
(Photo: Lurk)

6. 9 awesome natural perfumes for summer
Meet the season’s top scents. Sexy and sunshine-y, and handcrafted from plants and flowers, they say summer in a bottle.

7. Summer salve: A badass surfer babe’s line of rad (and functional) skin care
After years of salt water and wipeouts, Brooklyn surfer Jun Lee created a natural skin-care line to look after her skin, hair, and bruises—and yours, too.