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Class Action: Barre Fight at The Studio by Remorca Fitness

Cat Widdifield

The Studio, the hot, high-tech group fitness extension of renowned Upper East Side personal training gym Remorca Fitness, recently gave its class schedule a makeover, categorizing classes into simpler strength, endurance, and movement categories. But it kept the cleverly named Barre Fight, an innovative boxing-ballet combo class.

The class was created by Aerospace-trained instructor and former professional dancer Cat Widdifield (pictured above), who says she drew inspiration from Leila Fazel’s Aerobarre workout. “Boxing and ballet are actually really similar,” Widdifield explains. “They both involve rhythm, repetitions, and precision. It’s either ‘punch, punch’ or ‘lift, lift.'”

Barre Fight melds the two disciplines seamlessly. So, after repeated plies and releves with your arms extended holding weights, you’ll move into your boxing stance and throw jabs and hooks (without putting the weights down).

For cardio, expect jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and modified burpee sequences where you jump on one leg, step back to a lunge, and then move into plank and a push-up—very quickly.

Like all of The Studio’s classes, you’ll wear a heart-rate monitor that gives you a read-out when you’re done (I burned 525 calories in 50 minutes), but only you will be able to measure how shaky your quads are the next day.

Who’s it for: Barre lovers who want more cardio; boxers who want to get graceful

The Studio by Remorca Fitness, 171 E. 74th St. (between Third and Lexington Aves.), $38 per class (first class $20),