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Class Action: Dailey Interval at The Dailey Method

Dailey Method
(Photo: The Dailey Method)


Dailey Interval is popular national fitness brand The Dailey Method’s new 45-minute class designed to incorporate more heart-rate raising cardio into your tucking and toning work. (It’s an add-on many barre studios have introduced recently.)

The brand has distinguished itself on the barre scene with its laser focus on proper form and alignment (founder Jill Dailey is a former Pilates instructor), so while you’ll move around more in this class, attention to shoulder positioning and spine curvature won’t change—and there are constant cues to help you do every move correctly.

The class consists of intervals where you’ll alternate between cardio and active recovery movements. Barre regulars will recognize most of the moves, but during cardio intervals, you’ll do them very quickly, like fast squats with a leg lift and twist at the top, or stepping out into a plie at the barre and sliding your foot back in over and over.

Active recovery intervals consist of movements like planks, where you’re still working your muscles but your heart rate comes down. Your arms will get worked a bit during punching sequences and push-ups, but there are no weights like in a regular Dailey class.

Overall, it’s a higher energy barre class that gets you sweating, helps with body alignment and posture, and works on toning those dancer-physique muscles that barre beauties work for. If you’re a cardio junkie, though, don’t expect to feel like you just finished spin class. —Lisa Elaine Held

Offered at Dailey Method studios across the country,