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SoulCycle's Bridgehampton studio

In the last week alone, Exceed Fitness, Chaise 23, and Remorca Fitness all announced they’ll open Hamptons studios in time for the season.

What’s surprising about this, in addition to the last-minute announcement, is that these studios only just opened in New York. (In the case of Exceed Fitness, co-founder Ed Cushin is more East End than Upper East Side since he lived in Amagansett for 22 years.)

Peer pressure to be in the Hamptons has reached a fever pitch. It used to be that fitness brands established themselves for a few years before hanging a shingle in Wainscott or Bridgehampton.

Memo to studio owners:

1. If your workout rocks, your students won’t forget you after two months at the beach.

2. Please leave some good instructors in the city for those of us who don’t decamp out East for the summer.

Have you heard of other new fitness studios opening Hamptons locations this year? Tell us, in the Comments, below.