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woman-cleaning-New-York-apartment-with-space-clearing-classJudith Wendell is an integrative interior designer and feng shui expert, who gives cluttered Manhattan apartments, co-ops that won’t sell, and generally funky-feeling spaces the equivalent of a juice cleanse.

Starting this week, the Space Whisperer, who’s helped improve the flow of energy at spas like the Mandarin Oriental and the Candle Cafe is offering a three-part class at the Open Center on how to do it yourself.

“In this class, we will learn how to perform specific techniques, rituals, blessings and chants from a variety of traditions to cleanse, consecrate and empower our environments so that they can better support us in fulfilling our intentions. The material covered will include: clearing a space with smoke, dowsing and sound; the importance of intention; and the use and construction of altars and flower offerings.”

The takeaway: You could be the energy work version of “Holmes on Homes.”

The Tuesday evening class starts April 27 through May 11, from 8-10pm, and costs $100 ($90 for Open Center members). To register, visit the and for more information about Wendell, visit