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Victoria's secret yoga pants

Nothing says the start of baseball season like…yoga pants? Or wait, was it the crack of a bat?

Victoria’s Secret would like you to think baseball next time you step up to the mat. That’s because their Limited Edition Pink Major League Baseball Collection (which launched in 2010 but has expanded this year) includes, among many other items, cropped yoga pants ($36) that declare your love for your home team. On your booty, of course.

While we can’t imagine many serious New York City yogis are going to jump on this opportunity to wear their team pride on their behinds, we’re frightened by the thought of a Yankees-Mets rivalry disrupting Savasana. Or the upswing of awesome yoga fashion.

Then again, yogis have great karma, and the Mets, for one, could use some positive energy this season.

Would you wear Major League Baseball yoga pants to class? Tell us in the Comments, below.