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Common cold

By Hanna Brooks Olsen for

Cold and flu season is upon us, and while we’re all stocking up on things that can help fend off these foul diseases, it’s also important to remember that, prevention is as important as damage control (if not more).

Knowing where cold-causing germs may be hiding can help avoid contact in the first place–especially when some of the most germy places are also some of the most common.

Here are five to remember when you’re out and about:

1. Money. It’s a pretty well-known fact that money is kind of dirty. It changes hands constantly, sits in pockets, falls in puddles, and is generally crawling with germs and possibly traces of cocaine. It also is frequently handled by people who have just, say, coughed into their hands. Wash your hands after making purchases to avoid catching something icky.

2. The office kitchen. Just because your co-workers may not feel sick yet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying a bug that can make you sick. And when they touch the coffee pot, the refrigerator door, and that crummy little dishwasher that never works, they may be leaving behind more than a mess of powdered creamer.

Keep reading for 3 more places germs may be lurking…

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