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Elemental Herbology: Made for winter skin. Seriously.

Itchy skin remedy Elemental HerbologyThis is the time of year when I can go through a keg of body lotion to stave off itchiness. I’m not even showering obsessively or using products that dry me out. I blame winter (and my inability to drink enough water).

So, lately, I’ve been evaluating the quality of a handful of all-natural hydrating body washes, and a favorite has emerged: Elemental Herbology Velvet Skin Winter Body Wash.

The UK-based beauty line bases its products on the demands of the seasons, with two collections: Essentials for Winter and Essential for Summer. Clever, no?

The Winter Body Wash is almost a kit—it comes with an exfoliating mit—and is suited to soothing parched, itchy winter skin thanks to essential oils of tuberose and chamomile, plus oats and olive oil. I’ve just finished my tube, and I’m sure I’ll be itching to get more tomorrow. —Melisse Gelula

Elemental Herbology Velvet Skin Winter Body Wash, $34,