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Event alert! Mio Workout Wonder with I.AM.YOU. Yoga’s Lauren Imparato

I.AM.You Yoga
To celebrate, Mio and Well+Good have teamed up to host 11 Workout Wonders. These are beauty fitness events at innovative studios all over New York City.


You’re invited to attend our upcoming Mio Workout Wonder! It’s the next hot-ticket event in our beauty-fitness series with the pioneering British brand Mio, whose tagline is one we can get behind: Fit Bodies Need Fit Skin.

Join us for a high-octane yoga class with Lauren Imparato of I.AM.YOU. on Wednesday, March 12 in the most gorgeous Little Italy loft ever. 

You’ll take class—then get Mio’d. (Think mini spa treatments, Juice Press refreshments, and beauty swag.) Book your ticket now.

Expect a 60-minute class with a downtown edge. Imparato is an awesome DJ, and her challenging, creative flow is always set to great music. I.AM.YOU. will provide a yoga mat and towel. Come with a water bottle and ready to sweat!

Mio Liquid Yoga, a restorative mineral bath soak ($40)
The new Mio range includes such delicious products as Liquid Yoga, a relaxing bath tonic (which you will need after Imparato’s class!), and the Activist, a gorgeously scented skin-firming body oil.

Book your ticket now.

Each month keep an eye out here on Well+Good for the next Workout Wonder. Last month, we sweated it out with downtown fitness phenom, Taryn Toomey.

A hint for April’s event—a cardio-toning class that uses the oft-forgotten Pilates Wunda Chair. There are 11 Workout Wonders, at the hottest New York studios, in all!

For more information about Mio’s fit-skin approach to beauty, visit