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Farm-fresh food delivery (and your first box is free!)

Have the farmers' market delivered to you with Quinciple's carefully curated boxes. (Photo: Quinciple)
Have the farmers’ market delivered to you with Quinciple’s carefully curated boxes. (Photo: Quinciple)


Finally, no more planning your weekends around that two-hour CSA pick-up window or a long subway trek to the Union Square Greenmarket.

Quinciple makes it easier for people (you!) to get local ingredients, by delivering a weekly box filled with the best of the farmers’ market.

And for a limited time, get your first box free!

Think sweet corn from upstate New York, foraged chanterelle mushrooms, and artisanal butter made with milk from pasture-roaming grass-fed cows. All delivered to you!

Plus, Quinciple curates each box with the home cook in mind and helps you figure out what to do with your box’s bounty—from okra to heirlooms—via its digital magazine Sift, filled with recipes and cooking tips.

Now, if they could just pack a sous chef in that box, too…

Sign up for your limited-edition free welcome box full of fresh, healthy food now!

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