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apple emoji female
Graphic: Jenna Cantagallo for Well+Good

Your friend texts you “What’s up” as you’re in the middle of a run or a sweat sesh at the gym. What to do? It would be great to just tap a simple emoji (you could be mid-incline, anyway) to convey your sporty state. But right now, all the workout emojis are—you guessed it—dudes.

Not for long. Finally, someone has realized that men aren’t the only ones who play sports, swim, run, and lift weights. This fall, Apple’s iOS10 will release a slew of new emojis featuring women engaging in fitness-related activities. There will be a female weightlifter, a basketball player, a cyclist, a surfer, and more to make your texts as sweaty as your real life.

And if you just can’t wait until fall for the update, a yogi emoji keyboard—called Yogoji—is launching August 8th for all your om-and-texting needs. Melbourne-based yogi Heidi Ireland was undertaking yoga teacher training when she couldn’t find a way to quickly and easily notate pose sequences. And so Yogoji was born.

yogoji emojis
Photo: Yogoji

Meant to serve as both a fun way to text your friends and as a training tool, Yogoji has over 400 wellness-centric (and adorable) icons, including every yoga pose you can think of, fitness equipment, health food, crystals, and lol-worthy text bubbles that say things like “Namaste in Bed” and “Heavily Meditated.”

It’s launching August 8 in iOS9+ for $1.99. Your emoji game is about to seriously level up.

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