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Fitness Fashion Find: Sugoi Versa Jacket

Sugoi_Versa_JacketThis Sugoi cycling and running jacket for fall is a multitasking, money-saving must-have. Why? It’s three articles of clothing in one.

Second reason: it comes in pink. And seven other colors. And that’s a big deal, because being a manufacturer of clothing for hard-core and endurance athletes, Sugoi typically makes function and performance the priority of its pieces. So it’s nice to finally see fashion entering the discussion.

We first spied the Sugoi Versa Jacket at the shop in the Equinox Printing House. And Jessica Diep, the manager on duty and a runner, offered to demonstrate how many things things this lightweight, weather-protecting wonder can do thanks to its removable sleeves with magnetic attachments.

1. It’s a jacket and…

Sugoi Versa Vest

2. It easily converts into a vest thanks to magnet-attached sleeves, so you can almost pull them off without pulling over to the curb. You can stuff the sleeves into a lumbar (back) pocket, which also has a zipper.




3. You can also wear just the sleeves, which are designed like a shrug (and therefore come in one piece), in lieu of arm warmers. 
Melisse Gelula

Sugoi Versa Jacket, $120,