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Foundation House: A yoga, holistic health, and arts center opens in Harlem

Foundation House yoga health in Harlem
The gorgeous yoga room at the brand-new Foundation House

New York’s newest studio opened its doors last weekend, but yoga classes are just the beginning of what it hopes to offer.

The Foundation House, on historic Strivers’ Row in Harlem, is the new home of the Urban Yoga Foundation, a nonprofit founded by yogi and do-gooder Ghylian Bell that brings yoga and holistic health principles into underserved urban communities.

In collaboration with the Speak Easy Media Foundation, the center will offer subsidized yoga classes ($10-15) for adults and children, nutrition and cooking classes, and a variety of workshops and events related to massage, acupuncture, art, music, and more.

“One thing that was important to me was to create a vehicle so that urban kids and young adults can understand that they can also have a career in holistic arts and healing,” says Bell. “If it’s introduced with the right tone and approach, we can make a change in these communities.” —Lisa Elaine Held