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Gatorade to launch low-calorie ‘G Series Fit’

G Series NaturalGatorade, long the refueling beverage of choice for athletes and the “electrolyte-depleted,” is attempting to lure a new kind of customer—the one concerned with the ingredients in it—among them high fructose corn syrup and other sugars, brominated vegetable oil, and artificial colors.

Trying to appeal to the label-reading, organic-shopping, and female customer, Gatorade recently created G Series Natural, which claims to contain “natural ingredients like sea salt, fruit flavors, and natural sweeteners,” and is sold exclusively at Whole Foods in select cities.

Now, PepsiCo has announced the launch of low-calorie line called G Series Fit that will hit stores in April 2011. The new low-cal drink, officially called G Series Fit 02 Perform (catchy!), contains a very skinny 10 calories per serving, compared to original Gatorade’s 50 and the current low-cal version’s 20. It comes in mango passionfruit, melon pear, and berry acai (possibly natural?) flavors. The Series will also include a nutrition bar and a smoothie and will be distributed nationwide in grocery and convenience stores.

So will runners and yogis in the five boroughs trade in their Siggs for this new fitness-focused drink? It’s hard to say. We’ll definitely want to read the ingredient list first—Pepsi is holding their cards close to their chest, but we expect artificial sweetners among them. And New York does have some pretty excellent drinking water.