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Get a yoga immersion at one of Yoga Journal’s conference intensives


Take a day-long yoga retreat in…Midtown!

We heart continuing education. Learning new skills changes our life perspective and makes us follow our passions (yoga! nutrition! fitness!) and not just our professions (9-6 at a desk).

Which is what makes the all-day intensives at the Yoga Journal Conference so enticing. When else can you devote a full day to evolving your yoga practice?

All 16 intensives are led by world-class teachers. Normally you’d have to go on retreat with them to get such personalized attention and instruction. It’s like Kripalu without leaving the city! And Well+Good readers get $50 off any all-day intensive. Simply use the code AD14 when you book.

Tell us which of the following you’re most likely to sign up for…

Power and Precision with Jason Crandell
Skills: Improves yoga intelligence, mindfulness; how to be less performance-oriented.

Yoga and Ayurveda for Detoxification and Rejuvenation with Scott Blossom
Skills: Learn how your yoga practice and Ayurveda can guide you to make smart dietary choices and cleanse seasonally.

Mind-Body Flow: Crafting a Therapeutic Vinyasa Practice with Bo Forbes
Skills: Learn how to harness yoga’s most therapeutic and healing elements.

Tracking Transformation with Ana Forrest
Skills: Create a heightened sense of awareness through breath and asana.

Tracking Transformation is first on Melisse’s list and Alexia wants to take Yoga and Ayurveda for Detoxification and Rejuvenation. Please check out all of the Friday and Monday intensives and let us know what you’re most likely to take in the Comments section, below!

And, bonus, Well+Good readers $50 off an all-day intensive when they book using code AD14!