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summerBy Siobhan O’Connor for 

I’ll tell you what. I am not ready for warmer weather.

I haven’t figured out what my less-fabric-is-more spring looks are going to be, I hate everything in my closet, I lost my sunglasses at LaGuardia last week, I am pale as pale can be, my flats all need to be resoled, and I have bruises on my legs. Like, five of them.

Champagne problems, I know. I have real ones, too, but they don’t make for very good blog posts.

The only springy thing I’ve done lately is upped the yoga, but that has less (read: nothing) to do with showing more skin and everything to do with stress control and beefing up my spiritual practice because I’ve been tested lately, and I’ve needed it.

So I decided to focus on the two things I think make the biggest difference: My skin and my hair. I went ahead and made a hair appointment. This was easy. And then I took the sunless tanner out of the fridge, where it’s been hanging out with the dijon for the better part of a year.

Keep reading for natural products that will help you get ready for the summer months…

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