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green-microgym-bikeFrom That’s Fit

Imagine, instead of “minutes exercised” flashing across the readout on your stationary bike, you see the digital ticker pulse upwards toward 180 watts as you spun the wheels of the bike faster and harder, knowing you were producing power — enough to turn the ceiling fan and run the flat-panel TV in front of you.

This is what the gym rats in Portland Oregon experience. At the Green Microgym you don’t just work for your body, you work for your electricity; each calorie you burn becomes the wattage to power the building.

The green-conscious gym was founded on the principles of sustainability. The electricity-producing bikes are just one of the efforts the facilities utilize to be environmentally friendly.

The 3,000-square-foot gym also boasts solar panels, recycled toilet paper, renewable-source flooring and lots of reminders to turn off TVs, lights and fans. Read more…