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A farm-to-table twist on Fresh Direct

FreshocracyFreshocracy, which launched in March, delivers a farm-fresh new concept to your home—everything you need to quickly and easily prepare a greenmarket-inspired dinner.

The brainchild of friends Andreas Boquist, Ferdinand Grumme, and Christina DiLaura, Freshocracy’s mission is to make it easier for city residents to eat better.

Co-founders Andreas Boquist and Christina DiLaura

DiLaura, who runs a supper club and a food blog, noticed how New Yorkers skip cooking because they’re short on time or think that their kitchen is too small. “It’s not about that, ” she says. “It’s about knowing what to do, planning, and having the right ingredients.”

That’s where Freshocracy comes in. The team creates recipes and instructions based on what’s available at the 79th Street Greenmarket each week, and after picking up the ingredients, they measure out the portions you’ll need at a workspace in Harlem. When the grocery bag ends up at your door, all you have to do is unpack and cook.

On top of being easy, it also eliminates waste from extra ingredients, like that other half of the onion you swore you’d use before it went bad.

The service averages out to about $15 per person per meal, a price DiLaura says they came to after analyzing what New Yorkers typically spend on take-out after tax and tip.

FreshocracyFor now, Freshocracy is only available on the Upper East and Upper West Sides, but they plan to expand as demand grows in other neighborhoods, while also adding additional features like more frequent deliveries and a vegetarian option.

“People are really delighted by the quality of the food,” says DiLaura. “They say you can’t change habits, but we feel like we are.” -Lisa Elaine Held

Want to get a taste of Freshocracy? Click here for their most popular recipe, Ostrich Tacos with Lime-Pickled Radish Slaw.