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Healthy highlights from the Summer Wellness Guide: August 22—29

summer wellness guideIt’s Monday—time to scour the Summer Wellness Guide and make plans for a healthy, fun-filled week. We’ve made it easy for you with these boot camps, yoga classes, and outdoor workouts in the park and on the piers—many of them free!

Monday, August 22: Take your lunch break (or grab a quick dinner) at ‘Snice, a vegan cafe known for its faux-meat sandwiches, salads and veggie sides, with a fabulous outdoor patio at its Park Slope location. Page 14.

Tuesday, August 23: Take the kids to Riverside Park for a free soccer training camp with the New York Redbulls, hosted by the city’s Parks and Recreation department. Page 6.

Wednesday, August 24: Perfect your serve (or spike) in the sand at Pier 6 in Brooklyn, where Big City Volleyball hosts free clinics at the brand-new beach volleyball courts. Page 9.

Thursday, August 25: Front Runners New York switches from pavement pounding to pedaling. Join the group for a morning bike ride in Central Park. Page 12.

Friday, August 26: Kick off your weekend with Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp’s Slim and Strong Program—4 weeks of indoor bootcamp classes. Prizes for the 3 biggest losers include free classes and a $200 shopping spree to City Sports or Lululemon. Page 7.

Saturday, August 27: Wake up with a yoga class in a beautiful setting. Bette Middler’s New York Restoration Project hosts classes in Jane Bailey Memorial Garden in Brooklyn and East Harlem. Page 5.

Sunday, August 28: Complete the 4th of the 5 races in the New York Road Runners Half Marathon Series in the Bronx. If you’ve done the previous three, you’re guaranteed a spot in the New York City Half Marathon next March. Page 19.

Need details? Download your free Summer Wellness Guide today! And share it with a friend.