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Frida Kahlo


By Alexandra Spunt for

You know how it goes. One day you’re driving in your car, or the sun comes through the bathroom window. You catch your reflection and there it is: an honest-to-goodness mustache. Not just a little lady ‘stache anymore, but in the right light something closer to the dirty lip you wish teenage boys would shave much sooner than they ever do.

The truth is I’ve been ignoring this Frida Kahlo situation—though truly, has any woman ever looked so beautiful with a mustache?—because I just don’t know what to do. So let’s review the options, shall we? And by golly, tell me what you or your fuzzy friends do too.

Plucking/Threading. My greatest concern is that I’m always accidentally plucking my little blonde hairs, and someone once told me that would make them dark. True or false?

Waxing. I’ve never really understood waxing. It kills, it gives people red bumps (or worse, as a commenter told us yesterday—actually, thanks for the idea for this post Moksha!—break out), the hair grows back funny, and you have to wait until it fully comes in to do it again. Oh, and it’s expensive! Am I missing something here? I know people say over time you have less hair, but that’s taken years for the folks I know, and even my sister—who was a die-hard leg waxer since the age of 13—eventually got fed up and started shaving.

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