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combing hair with conditioner to fight frizzLike Whole Foods, John Master’s eponymous Sullivan Street salon has been offering organics solutions to natural-leaning New Yorkers, only longer (it opened in 1994). Of course, the stylist-turned-product formulator is more concerned with the state of your tresses (thank you, rampant humidity spikes) than your taste for $16 hormone-free cheeses and pesticide-free broccolini. Which is why we asked him to how to handle our hair before the full-on spring blitz of frizz begins. We think you’ll find his message incredibly satisfying: Spend less time on your hair and it’ll look better.

What do women do wrong that causes frizz in the first place?
Most people shampoo way more than is necessary. If your hair is dry and frizzy, you should shampoo once a week—you can wet your hair daily, though—and cut back on using heat-emitting hair-styling tools. Daily shampooing and styling is one of these bad habits, like saying no to all carbs, that many women think is good.

john masters
John Masters in his Soho salon

So I am not lazy but doing my hair a favor by letting it air dry?
Yes, air-drying is best for fighting frizz. If you have to blow-dry your hair, use a good ceramic ionic dryer. It cuts the drying time by 50 percent and the technology actually helps seal in moisture. We have infrared, ceramic ionic hood dryers in the salon. We sometimes put frizzy hair under to dry and it really dramatically reduces frizz. It’s not exactly designed for home use.

What about products?
Make your own hair-product cocktail. For frizz, I might combine John Masters Organics Shine On with a little Citrus & Neroli Detangler or Sweet Orange & Silk Protein Styling Gel with a few drops of Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer.

Conditioning is key, yes?
Yes, using a wide-tooth comb is ideal. Leave-in conditioning treatments are essential to controlling frizz. You can also just rinse with vinegar, or sleep with an oil in your hair. Consider a shower cap and crummy pillowcase.

John Masters Salon, 77 Sullivan St., btwn Spring and Broome Sts. Soho, 212-343-9590,

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