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By Susannah Compton for

Hey ingredient-savvy readers! Are you crushing on sea buckthorn oil, too?

You’ve seen it pop up in some of your favorite serums and treatments—and with good reason. Sea buckthorn oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids. I burned through a small bottle of sea buckthorn oil this past winter, adding a few drops to other serums and oil blends. It was a lovely orange viscous oil with a musky smell, and it brightened my skin tone.

There are two distinct types of oils that come from sea buckthorn—the seed oil and the berry oil.

This summer, I’m trying out sea buckthorn berry oil. Both the oils can be taken internally as a supplement or applied topically, but the seed oil has the most internal benefits and the berry oil has the most topical benefits. When I started using the berry oil topically, I learned pretty quickly that it needs a good dilution. It’s far more concentrated and pigmented than the seed oil, or a blend of the two.

Keep reading for more ways to use sea buckthorn berry oil…

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