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By Monique Minahan for

Fake it ’til you become it. This is the phrase Amy Cuddy suggests we use instead of the fake-it-til-you-make-it approach we often hear.

Cuddy is a social psychologist whose research is proving that tweaking our body language for a mere two minutes can change how we feel, how we present ourselves, and thus change our outcomes.

Taken a step further, outcomes can impact our lives, as the outcomes of many situations can determine if we end up where we want to be or not in life.

We are all comfortable with the idea that our minds can change our bodies (i.e., mind tells body, “You’re going to the gym.”) But the concept that our bodies can change our minds is not so widely known or accepted.

She’s studied what she calls “Universal Expressions of Power,” such as people finishing a race with a jump and their arms stretched wildly overhead. One study compared people who had been born blind and people born with sight. Both expressed Universal Expressions of Power when they felt powerful.

Keep reading for the results of Cuddy’s study…

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