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Zozi's Long Island surf camp for beginners priced to move (Photo: Zozi)

From discounted designer duds at Gilt to cheap-o spa treatments (and Philly cheesesteaks) via Groupon, Internet coupon sites are all the rage right now, offering wares and experiences at seriously discounted prices.

Now Zozi has now joined the New York City mix, and is positioning itself as a Groupon for active people.

It began in San Francisco last year and now offers discounted, daily-deal adventures for active, wellness-experience-seeking New Yorkers. Like? Fifty percent off a private surf class in the Rockaways for $70 (available on the site right now). Full-day intro to hang gliding ($90). The other current offerings skew a bit redneck: Half-off a pistol firing class or a day-long paint gun battle. But we’ve spied some deals on Zozi for Pilates and boot camp classes, plus salsa and belly dancing, too.

“The idea isn’t just that we’re offering discounts,” explained Jenny Chang, Zozi’s PR rep. “It’s that we also have a staff of really active people who curate this stuff ahead of time. We want this to be an answer with people who are bored with going to the gym every day—people who don’t necessarily want to spend a ton of money.” —Catherine Pearson

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