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(Photo: Laurie Gerber)
(Photo: Laurie Gerber)


Life coach Laurie Gerber, the founder of the well-known Handel Group who’s known for working with wellness luminaries like Elena Brower and Patricia Moreno, is wading into new territory this month—fixing broken marriages on TV.

Gerber and her husband Will Craig will star on an A&E special, The Marriage Test, premiering on Saturday, September 21 and produced by Dr. Phil (they’ll also be on his eponymous show on Friday, September 20).

The special will feature couples whose relationships are on the rocks living in a house together under constant surveillance for four days, where Gerber and Craig will help them “decide if they should make good on their wedding vows or call it quits,” according to a press release.

Maybe Gerber could recommend some calming partner yoga or endorphin-producing couples CrossFit?